In a recent discussion that sparked considerable debate within the music industry, DJ Dollar asserted that musicians need to develop the habit of attending public occasions and gatherings to build a loyal fan base. This statement, however, did not sit well with many industry veterans, including the respected artiste G. Cliff.

G. Cliff voiced his strong disagreement in a comment under Is Hassan Dablee’s post about DJ Dollar’s statement. His critique highlighted several key points that challenge DJ Dollar’s assertion:

  1. Influence and Leadership Missteps:
    G. Cliff began by expressing his disappointment with industry leaders who, in his view, fail to implement measures that genuinely benefit the struggling music industry. He pointed out the irony in DJ Dollar’s advice, suggesting it diverts attention from more substantial actions that could support the industry.
  2. Examples of Successful Artists:
    To underscore his argument, G. Cliff referenced successful musicians such as Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, and Shatta Wale. He questioned how often these top-tier artists attend public occasions and gatherings, implying that their success is not contingent on such appearances. These artists have built substantial followings and loyal fan bases through their music and strategic career decisions, not necessarily by attending every public event.
  3. Event Hosting and Participation:
    G. Cliff also noted the eagerness of industry professionals, including DJs and event hosts, to be associated with these successful artists. Despite the rare appearances of artists like Sarkodie at personal gatherings, industry professionals vie for opportunities to collaborate with them, indicating that their influence and fan base are robust without the need for constant public appearances.
  4. Call for Authentic Strategies:
    Finally, G. Cliff urged a shift away from what he termed “weak gimmicks” and called for more genuine strategies that address the real challenges facing the music industry. He emphasized the need for substantial, impactful actions rather than superficial efforts. Check out the screenshot below,