The vibrant music scene of Northern Ghana has long been a source of pride and cultural expression, but recent comments by DJ Dollar on the ‘All Inclusive Show’ with Is Hassan Dablee on Zaa Radio have highlighted a growing concern. DJ Dollar, a respected voice in the industry, lamented the division between two of the region’s biggest stars, Maccasio and Fancy Gadam, and how it has adversely affected Northern music as a whole.

In the discussion, DJ Dollar didn’t hold back in expressing his frustration over the rivalry between Maccasio and Fancy Gadam, two artists who have each garnered significant followings and success. “This division is tearing apart the very fabric of Northern music,” DJ Dollar stated. “Instead of unity and collaboration, we have seen camps form around these artists, creating a competitive environment that stifles growth and innovation.

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He pointed out that the fans of both artists have become entrenched in their support, often leading to online spats and real-life altercations. “The fan base rivalry has gone beyond healthy competition,” DJ Dollar noted. “It has created an atmosphere of hostility, where emerging artists feel pressured to pick sides rather than focus on their craft.”

DJ Dollar also emphasized that this division has broader implications for the music industry in Northern Ghana. “When the leading figures are divided, it trickles down and affects everything from concert attendance to media coverage. The attention shifts from promoting Northern music as a whole to promoting factions within it,” he explained. This, according to DJ Dollar, limits opportunities for new talents and undermines the potential for collective success. Watch the short video of statement below,

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Throughout the discussion, DJ Dollar called for a renewed focus on unity and collaboration. He suggested that Maccasio and Fancy Gadam could lead by example, potentially mending fences and working together on projects that highlight the rich musical heritage of Northern Ghana. “If these two can come together, it would send a powerful message to their fans and the industry at large. It would show that the music is bigger than any one person or rivalry,” he said.

Towards the end of the show, DJ Dollar expressed hope for the future, believing that the tide can turn if artists and fans alike embrace a more unified approach. “We have so much talent here, and it’s time we harness it together. The world needs to see the best of Northern music, and that will only happen if we stand united,” he concluded.