Wolugu Lana, the North’s most controversial veteran, has said that it’s through his advice rapper, Maccasio, stopped his mechanic work and started doing serious music.

It surprises people anytime they hear that Maccasio was still a motor mechanic in the years of 2012/2014 and still managed to becoming one of the country’s most successful rappers currently as we speak.

Wolugu Lana Said This To Is Hassan Dablee.

In a one-on-one interview with Big Malik of KKC on Radio Tamale 91.7mhz, hip-life veteran, Wolugu Lana, claims that he advised Maccasio to quit the mechanic job and start serious music when he heard him for the first time on a song he did with his hood, Zola, and entitled “Ti (mara”.
 According to Wolugu Lana, one of the zolahood artists, Arisky came and played this song to him, and while he was listening to it, he heard Maccasio rap, and he discovered that he will be a star in a few if he gives the music full attention.

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After listening to the song, Wolugu Lana sent for Maccasio and asked if he was doing something at that time. The rapper told him he was a mechanic. I asked if his parents would still give him chop money if he quit his job and pursued a career in music. “He said no, but I still advised him to quit because I saw the shine in him,” Wolugu Lana explained. 
The Lahizibsi hit maker said this in reaction to a question about why he is always part of Maccasio’s guest artists in almost every show. Watch him speak below.

Wolugu Lana Speaks.