Halik Musah, aka Mr. Tell, has passed his verdict on the current banter between Tuba Zaks, his wife, Shafawu, and DJ Carlos.

The three were involved in a serious banter that led to accusations that DJ Carlos attempted to turn Tuba Zaks’ wife into a hook up girl, whiles DJ Carlos also alleged that Tuba Zaks’ wife rather wanted to travel out to Accra to stay with her ex boyfriend and consulted him and he stopped her, which is the reason for all these.

Is Hassan Dablee Speaks On GHOne TV.

This led Shafawu took to her Facebook wall yesterday to swear to the Holy Quran that DJ Carlos lied against her, and that he was rather wanting to sell her to big men to have affair with her for money. She also dared DJ Carlos to swear to the Holy Quran if he’s sure of his claims, and the presenter is yet to respond to that one after 48 hours.

Tuba Zaks Wife, Shafawu.

After analyzing and passing a judgement on the issue, Mr. Tell said it’s impossible for a woman to want to have an affair with her ex-boyfriend and will inform or consult her husband’s best friend about it. According to him, DJ Carlos’s explanation can’t hold water. He should swear to the Holy Quran just like Shafawu did if he wants people to believe him. Until then, Tuba Zaks and Shafawu are right. Watch the submission below.

Mr. Tell Speaks.