On June 21, 2023, at the la Palm Royal Hotel, the Indigenous Vibes Band, a subsidiary of Tombotch Showbiz Entertainment Consultancy, received the prestigious Traditional Artiste of the Year 2022 Award at the VGMA National Music Summit for World Music Day. This remarkable achievement was presented to the band by Grammy Award nominee Rocky Dawuni, providing them with great motivation and inspiration to further preserve and promote Indigenous traditional music and culture, which is our rich heritage.

Founded by Thomas Nii Lantey Botchway (Tombotch), a seasoned musician with expertise in traditional drumming, dancing, and general music, Indigenous Vibes Band seamlessly combines authentic African rhythms with various genres such as funk, salsa, Afrobeat, highlife, jazz, and swing. Their compositions and fusions encompass elements from Afro Fusion, World Music, Rock and Roll, Salsa, Bee Pop, Cools, Funk, Bolaro, and Chachacha, incorporating the essence of traditional music.

Comprising ten talented members, including percussionists, a drummer, a keyboardist, a bassist, a lead guitarist, a trumpeter, a saxophonist, and male and female dancers, the band delivers captivating performances that showcase both African rhythms and dances on a single stage, leaving a lasting impression on their audience.

Indigenous Vibes Band produces original music while also showcasing traditional African rhythms and dance. Their upcoming album, “The Royal Tribes,” features their latest single, “Yaya Koba (Reincarnation),” available on all digital music platforms. Influenced by legendary musicians like King Bruce, Yacub Addy and the Odadaa Ensemble, Guy Warren (Kofi Ghanaba), Obo Addy, Mustapha Tettey Addy, Nana Danso Abiam Pan African Orchestra, Hugh Masakela, and Hadzole Sounds, the band aims to revive old music styles and instill a sense of pride in indigenous and authentic music.

Having performed at renowned entertainment centers and festivals across Ghana, including +233 Jazz Bar Grill, Republic Bar, Cold Coast Bar, Chez Afrique Bar, Alliance Franchise, Gothe Institute, Virtual Hub, and Ekownaad Studio, as well as festivals like Chale Wote Festival, Paa Kow Fest, and Felebration, the band has gained significant recognition. They have also shared the stage with respected Ghanaian artists such as Pat Thomas, Kojo Antwi, Gyedu Blay, Nat Brew Ambolley, Kwame Yeboah, and Paa Kow.

While the band has yet to venture outside Africa, their ultimate goal is to spread the unique fusion of African music worldwide. With a deep passion and infectious energy, they aspire to captivate global audiences with their rich, authentic, and indigenous African music, incorporating various elements from across the continent.

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Tombotch Showbiz Entertainment Consultancy and the Indigenous Vibes Band eagerly welcome individuals, organizations, corporate institutions, and record labels.