Fast rising star, Papi Suweide, has confessed that music in the Northern part of Ghana is full of spiritual attacks.

Speaking on North Star FM with Mr. Riki on the Brunch Show, Papi urged the media and the masses to support the upcoming artists to grow as most of them are facing a lot of trouble underground.

He stated that artists like Rick Kid, Fad Lan, Yung Shark, himself, and especially Da Blackstar, who has a current EP in the system all need support, but none is talking about them, regardless of their projects.

Tinny And Stonebwoy.

Trying to conclude by inviting more support for himself and his colleagues, Papi said the fans need to support them because music in the North is full of spiritual attacks.  attacks. 
Asked whether he has been a victim, Papi said he has been spiritually attacked before but he thank God he’s a good prayer to have overcome that.

Tamale’s people, who we call the fans, need to support us because that is what we need badly, and also their prayers, because for Tamale’s music, it’s full of spiritual attacks,” he said. Watch the video below.

Papi Speaks On North Star Radio.