Ill Haven Records, a famous and successful record label in Ghana, has just released a brand new single for one of their signee, Knight Firdae.

Ill Haven Records was established in 2014 and registered in 2015 as an LLC under the Companies Act of the Republic of Ghana. Ill Haven Records has a legal mandate to operate fully as a record label both internationally and locally. They signed their first artist, Drilix, a hip hop artist based in Accra, to the label.

The label has since had countless success with many other artists signed, and now, they have unleashed their major project for Knight Firdae, which is entitled, Sambani (Outside).

Sambani is a drill song that goes out to the youth who left their homes out on the streets to hustle harder to make it in life. The song features Ahmed Shaban, King Guda, Ntelabi, and Gibgsen. Stream it below via the link and on all digital platforms.