Iz Flexy, one of the region’s young talented stars, has praised industry players and artists based in the Eastern Corridor for their abilities in projecting entertainment from the eastern side to other parts of the region, where people outside the eastern now appreciate them.

In a one-on-one interview on HYPE TV about the HYPE MEDIA GH Eastern Corridor Invasion concert slated for July 29th, 2022, Iz Flexy said that entertainment in the Eastern Corridor is fast growing as compared to the previous years when they had to travel from Yendi, Bimbila, Gushegu, or Karaga and others to record their songs. Now, they have sound engineers on their own, radio stations on their own, and big artists like Fancy Gadam have seen the need to come down here to feature themselves.
Iz Flexy added that, “HYPE MEDIA G of all media companies coming down to stage a big concert like the Invasion Concert shows there’s growth.”
According to Iz Flexy, one of his boys and his younger brother also saw the need to collaborate with Maccasio in a song, which all deserves commendation and applause. It’s not clear who Iz Flexy is referring to as his boy and junior brother here, but it’s widely known that his rival, King Zee, is the only artist from the Eastern Corridor who featured Maccasio in a song, Zambarima.
Watch him speak below.