Dabba Lamaley, a former member of the music group Dabba, who were boys to multiple afrobeat award winning musician, Fancy Gadam, has finally broken his long silence about the caused of his relationship stunt with his godfather.

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Lamaley has been so loyal to Fancy Gadam, and the two have always been seen together. They perform their back-to-back hits on stage, and fans have always referred to their collaborations as the best Master and A Boy collaboration.

Lamaley has been missing from the recent concerts of Fancy Gadam for about four years today. Both have not been seen together, leading to so much speculation from industry players and fans that the two are not on good talking terms anymore.

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In a recent interview with Afa Staph on Neesim Fm, Lamaley disclosed that his recent distance with Fancy Gadam is as a result of Fancy Gadam and his team’s unfair treatment of him in his last album launch at the stadium, Dream Album. According to him, he was invited by Fancy Gadam through a WhatsApp message, and on the night of the show, he was denied to perform. When he tried reaching out to Fancy Gadam, the musician picked up his calls only once and blacklisted his calls.

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Lamaley added that he monitored Fancy Gadam’s explanation in an interview on Sankara Radio after the show, which he said that, he (Lamaley) wasn’t invited to the show and that Lamaley’s existence in his career isn’t going to add or subtract anything from him, Fancy Gadam.

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He furthermore added that he felt he has been treated this way because he’s no longer on top of his game or the limelight, so he felt used and damned. Watch him explain it below.