Awal Awal, former Manager to BigTym Entertainment has revealed that, Rapper, Maccasio is spiritually powerful than singer, Fancy Gadam.

As the rumours and arguments over the true sources of the undying love fans have for these two artists keeps parading in Ghetto Bases and among the youth inside of the Northern region, Awal Awal has taken to his facebook timeline to end the rumours with an update that concludes that, both Fancy Gadam and Maccasio are spiritually capable in what they do, but Maccasio is the most powerful, than Fancy Gadam is.

In his facebook post, Awal Awal wrote below.

Awal Awal Posted

In a short conversation via call with for proper clarity over what he meant, Awal Awal said that, both artists aren’t just working harder and investing to be successful, but he thinks there are spiritual secrets to their successes and undying love from the fans, which he thinks is very normal because everyone needs protection from his or her enemies.

When asked how he came by findings that Maccasio is then spiritually stronger than Fancy Gadam, Awal Awal stated that, he has observed that for about a decade now, any artists who got into a Banter with Fancy Gadam automatically becomes irrelevant in the industry.

Many of them have had their careers ended, whiles others no more have single hit songs and they have lost their spot they were enjoying to others, he gave examples like Gonga, Striker De Donzy, OneNira, Ataaka and others, but said Maccasio has been in competition with Fancy Gadam for all these years and yet still keeping his fame and spot as a top musician.

Awal Awal thinks it takes a very spiritual powerful person more than him, Fancy Gadam to be able to still exist like Maccasio is existing, and he thinks Maccasio is that spiritually stronger than Fancy Gadam.