Northern based Nanum star, OBY has sent a heart touching appeal to business men and dignitaries with the ability to come in and invest or support the artists from Nanum.

In a very long text on his Facebook page, OBY asked so many relevant questions as to whether or not his very own people don’t have the likes of Tamale’s Nana Agbazor who supports almost every musician in Tamale?

According to him, he has been of witnessed to the good humanitarian works of Nana Agbazor and he thinks Nanum has equally great and rich people of his caliber, yet they show no concern about the entertainment industry in Nanum.

As he congratulated Nana Agbazor, Zaachi and Fancy for their successful show over the weekend on Sunday, March 19th, OBY also appealed to the business men in Nanum to come to the aid of the musicians. He also charged the media in Nanum to see to it that they bring the interest of these people into the industry.
Read below his post.

Have been thinking for a long time now about our Entertainment Industry!
Below picture is Nana Agbazor..
A powerful man of cost and his a successful Business mogul, looking at how he has been contributing to the Northern Entertainment Industry especially in TAMALE. I can boldly say,every successful Artist From TAMALE got His Blessings, haven’t seen him on some fee occasion in Tamale, How this man use to spread money on Artist on stage is so so exciting, I’m a beneficiary of his money spread when I last Perform at Tamale NORTHERN TIkTOKERS AWARD.
So I ask myself, Don’t we have same people like him from “NANUM” Talking about Nanumba North where me myself come from.
Or is it that my very own big men don’t have love for “Entertainment” ,It is very sad and discouraging to host a show as low as 5gh as gate fee, and you will only meet fee fans of yours, how much more our Big men out there, I’m talking about our people like Nana Agbazor.
Even common advice from them, you will not get.
Just fee days ago he ORGANIZE A SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM BETWEEN FANCY GADAM AND ZAACHI, One of Tamale popular comedian…
I’m living this to the media to discuss and lest find a successful solutions to what we’re passing through as Entertainment players.
Congratulations to Fancy Gadam!
Congratulations to Zaachi for your successful program!.. For Nana Agbazor I say to you, May God give you long life and everlasting Richest 🙏 I wish you good health, Thank you for your love for Us