Zaa Radio 99.3 FM, one of the leading radio stations in the Northern regions, recently hosted communication specialist and media advocate, Naa Kwarley Richardson on the All Inclusive show by Is Hassan Dablee, who made a thought-provoking statement regarding the lack of products for business in the entertainment industry across the five northern regions. Arama, a well-respected voice in the industry, expressed concern about the lack of branding opportunities for artists and businesses to thrive in the region.

During the interview, Naa Kwarley Richardson highlighted the success story of Wiyaala, a Ghanaian singer-songwriter who hails from the Upper West Region. Wiyaala has gained international recognition and has been a source of pride for the northern regions, showcasing the talent that exists within the area. However she emphasized that Wiyaala’s success shouldn’t overshadow the fact that there is a dearth of similar success stories and viable products in the entertainment industry across the region.

“Apart from Wiyaala, who has managed to break through and make a name and presents herself as a business product, we are yet to see other significant products in the entertainment industry emerge from the five northern regions,”she lamented during the interview. “We have immense talent and potential here, but we lack the necessary infrastructure, support, and platforms for artists and businesses to thrive.”

Watch the interview below

The statement by the CEO of Northern Radio Awards has sparked a conversation about the challenges faced by artists and entrepreneurs in the northern regions of Ghana. The lack of resources, including recording studios, production facilities, and marketing opportunities, has hindered the growth of the entertainment industry in the area. Additionally, the absence of dedicated platforms and events for showcasing local talent has made it difficult for artists to gain exposure and establish themselves in the industry.

Industry experts have echoed Naa’s concerns and emphasized the need for collective efforts to address the existing gaps. They suggest that the government, private sector, and individuals should collaborate to create an enabling environment for the entertainment industry to flourish in the five northern regions. This could include investment in infrastructure, establishment of training programs, and the organization of events and festivals that showcase the diverse talent in the region.

The call to action from Naa and other industry stakeholders is a crucial step towards nurturing and developing the untapped potential of the entertainment industry in the northern regions. By investing in the necessary resources and providing the support that artists and businesses require, the region can witness a vibrant and thriving entertainment sector that not only promotes economic growth but also serves as a source of cultural pride.

As the conversation initiate continues to gain momentum, it is hoped that the relevant authorities and stakeholders will take heed and work towards creating an ecosystem that empowers and uplifts the entertainment industry in the five northern regions. Only through collective efforts can the region truly realize its potential and showcase the diverse talent it holds, beyond the success of individuals like Wiyaala.