Musician Atimbila has voiced his frustration over what he perceives as the exploitation of his talent, leaving him in dire financial straits.

During an interview on Breakfast Today on Dreamz FM, Atimbila expressed dismay at individuals profiting from his music online without compensating him.

“It’s my creativity. They are just playing and then people uploading my songs online to make money without giving me a penny, and it’s bad,” he lamented, describing the situation as a total rip-off.

Atimbila emphasized the unfairness of the situation, highlighting the stark contrast between his financial struggles and others’ exploitation of his work for profit.

“When I started my music career, I had a lot of potentials. But people exploited me… They are exploiting me to make money online, but I’m not getting anything,” he explained.

The musician recounted missed opportunities, such as the inability to produce a music video for a song featuring Sarkodie due to mismanagement, exacerbating his financial woes.

Atimbila, known for his national breakthrough from the Upper East Region and collaborations with prominent Ghanaian artists like Sarkodie, Ruff N Smooth, and Keche, has faced challenges in recent times, sparking concerns among music enthusiasts.

Blaming his current predicament on malevolent forces, Atimbila attributed his struggles to attacks by evil spirits, further compounding his difficulties in the industry.