In a bid to recognize and celebrate the heroes in the Ghanaian music, corporate and media fraternity without capes who have changed and are still contributing to their respective fields and impacting lives and the environment, Premier Awards is ilaunched and are calling for nominations for it maiden edition.

It is your time to be celebrated as you deserve the honor.

PREMIER AWARDS is a distinct and eminent Multifaceted award covering all sectors of art, entertainment and Business designed on the base to honor and celebrate hard working and relentless arts(talents) doing well in making impacts internal and beyond boundaries using their god given talents to entertain, educate, preach, motivate, just to mention few as a way of entertaining others and many more with their skills, experience and talents.

Entries are to be submitted for only works and impacts made for 2021. Thus, the scheme will review published works from 1st January to September 2022 effective today, 23rd September to 23rd October 2022.

File via the link below