Abubakari Bashiru, who is popularly known as Aborimaham in the movie industry, has claimed that Northern-based actors lack branding and packaging.

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The multiple film maker and producers believed that, when it comes to the knowledge and skills of the work, northern-based actors are outstanding and must be applauded. Aborimaham also added that fame and popularity are one tool that can lead one to be successful easily, but northern-based actors have the fame but can’t package or brand themselves to be attracted by big brands or companies.

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According to him, most of the actors like Zimboo, himself, or Mr. Ibu are more popular than Maccasio and Wiz Child, respectively, but when you check on their social media handles, the likes, comments, and reach posts of these musicians are thousands of what they will get as actors, despite being more famous than them. 
Aborimaham noted this as one of the key challenges hindering their growth as actors from the north. Watch him speak below.