Organizers of Sagani TV Chop Da Mic reality show have rescheduled their program time from Sundays 11am to 2pm to Saturdays 9pm to 11pm, same time North Got Talent airs their Talent hunt show on NTV.

For three seasons, the Sagani TV Chop Da Mic was always Airing on Sunday and still emerged one of the most watched TV Reality show in the country. But for several reasons Including a far reach as disclosed by the committee head, Mohammed Abdul Rashid Kawastone at the opening forum on Saturday, November 6th, this new Development is as a result of getting more viewers despite the large reach already.

According to him, concerns has been raised for the passed years by most viewers over the time that, Tamale and its environments are usually on occasional errands on Sundays, and since the target of the Organizers is to sell the talents to the people, there’s a need for a reconsider.

On the other hand, North Got Talent who are now on three TV stations, NTV, Zaa TV and Might TV are five weeks away to the competitions grand finale.