Renowned sports journalist, Shaibu Terry of Tamale’s Bishara Radio has condemned Halid Prince Mukadi recent actions towards Tamale City official head coach, Hamza Mohammed.

Halid Prince Mukadi scheduled an interview with Hamza Mohammed on his newest program, Sports Connect on Zaa TV, Mukadi designed covers of the interview and circulated it everywhere on his socials.
To his surprised, Mr. Hamza Mohammed couldn’t show up for the interview. The presenter took to the same channel and air out his displeasure towards the disappointment.
In expressing his frustrations, Mukadi said lots of unpleasant words of idioms towards the coach and his Team, Tamale City.

Making an update about the brouhaha, Shaibu Terry expressed his disappointment in Prince Mukadi and said that, first, the presenter should have calm his nerves to hear from Coach Hamza why he couldn’t make it up to the interview before authoring out those unpleasant words to him.

According to him, Mukadi’s act was an ethical to the profession teachings and deserved to be analyze as unprofessional. Mr. Shaibu Terry took to his Facebook page to post below.

You arranged an interview with someone that person agreed to turnup for the interview but later couldn’t , where professionalism exist you ort to hear from the invitee as to why he or she couldn’t show up for such interview after he or she had given you a reason for not coming, then u can decide on your next line of action.But you don’t site on national platform to threatened people for not appearing on your program that was unethical at the highest peak. In fact I was scandalized with my brother rant it was totally unprofessional.