On a recent post on DJ Bat timeline, the renowned presenter opened up about the impact of social media on his career. From the highs of fame to the lows of public scrutiny, DJ Bat reflected on his journey and expressed profound regret over the influence of social platforms.

As his popularity soared, DJ Bat found himself ensnared in the web of social media’s relentless spotlight. Every move, every statement became fodder for online chatter, often distorted and sensationalized beyond recognition. The pressure to maintain a flawless image weighed heavily on him, eroding the authenticity that once defined his artistry.

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The relentless pursuit of likes, shares, and validation took its toll, overshadowing the joy and passion that initially propelled DJ Bat into the media scene. Caught in a cycle of comparison and perfectionism, he found himself sacrificing creative freedom at the altar of digital validation.

“I became a slave to the numbers,” DJ Bat lamented. “I forgot that music is about expression, not popularity contests.”

But amidst the chaos, DJ Bat found redemption in self-reflection. He made the courageous decision to step back from the relentless grind of social media, reclaiming his artistic integrity and rediscovering his passion for the media

He stated below on his post,