One of Ghana’s renowned media practitioners and journalists, Mr. Hamza Lansah Lolly, has vowed that the northern part of the country contains the best journalists in Ghana than any other region.

According to Mr. Hamza Lansah, who was sitting on the “Ti Biimi Zhiya” program on Radio Tamale as a pundit said, comparing the support journalists in all the regions in Ghana have to their benefit with what they deliver that with, one has to applaud the journalists in the north.

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Mr. Hamza believes that the Northern Region has the least support and opportunities in the whole country. Yet, journalists in these geographical areas still deliver excellently to compete with top-notch Ghanaian bloggers who have every opportunity and support to themselves.

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Mr. Hamza Lansah Lolly is an experienced media practitioner and a broadcast journalist at who has worked in so many regions in Ghana, including Accra. 
He was the host of the “Yala Yala” program on ATV before coming down to Tamale to take over the general managerial role at Suhupielli FM and is currently the Manager for Drilan Group Ltd.