Afa Staph Mustapha, current marketing manager of Neesim FM in Tamale, has debunked DJ Yamoo’s claims that he replaced him, Afa Staph, with Mr. Tell as the drive time host on Radio Tamale, which led to his resignation.

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It still rings a bell in people’s ears that Afa Staph was the Brunch Time host of Radio Tamale when Mr. Tell was brought into the station as the Drive Time host. The latter left the stations a few weeks after Mr. Tell joined, for a reason yet to be disclosed.

In disclosing the reason as the then General Manager of the station, DJ Yamoo explains to Kawastone on Zaa Kootu on Zaa TV that it was his fault Afa Staph left, because he brought in Mr. Tell to replace Afa Staph as the drive time host and moved him back onto the brunch time host, which made Afa Staph feel unimportant and resigned as a result.

DJ Yamoo Speaks On Zaa TV.

In reaction to this after it was published on by Is Hassan Dablee, Afa Staph said he has never been made a drive time host for one’s during his time at Radio Tamale, so it still confuses him the replacement his former manager is talking about. 
He said he was brought into the station as the brunch time host and so it remained until he left. He further added that no one can replace him. Read his comments below.