Mohammed Abubakari Naporo, who is famously sampled as DJ Parara, has vowed that the recent crop of presenters and DJ’s on the radio stations in Tamale have abandoned their duties as presenters and are doing absolutely nothing on the airwaves.

According to the experienced presenter who has made radio popular in the north and has brought so many artists to fame through his marvelous presentation and promotion, radio in recent times, especially entertainment programs, is so disgusting to monitor. Presenters forget their duties as prescribed by their profession and focus on personal gains, which has no benefits to their listeners, themselves or their stations. 
DJ Parara believes radio in recent times has lost the trust and honesty it used to boast about, thanks to the current crop of presenters.

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People used to believe everything said on the radio because it was built and founded on honesty, but today, the current crop of presenters sit and lie on the radio and even brag about say things even the King of the Dagbon Kingdom, Ndan Yaa-Naa, would not brag about doing“, he said.

DJ Parara added that musicians who used to benefit and make hits from airplay have also lost it because presenters spent 45 minutes of their hour-long programs praising themselves rather than entertaining their listeners with good and quality music that could have helped the artists make some hits.
This was said by DJ Parara on the Sagani TV North Arts show with Alhaji Sadick Cybha on Wednesday, September 28th. Watch him speak below.

DJ Parara Speaks.