Northern based rapper, Yakubu Issah, popularly known as Ataaka has claimed that, the masses are sympathizing with Maccasio over him, and that is because he raps more than him, Maccasio.

As the debate for the Northern rap Kingship keeps getting competitive between these two rappers, Ataaka has complained that the media, fans and industry players have always favoured Maccasio over him.
According to him, Maccasio has always used every opportunity he’s got be it interviews or songs to beef him, and everyone have always healed him for doing so, to an extend of posting the short videos to mock him, Ataaka.

But anytime he decides and reply him, the whole industry will always turn against him and call him names like a cheap attention seeker.

As he appeals for equal grounds and opportunities to be given to them, Ataaka also dared anyone to come out and remind him of any single interview Maccasio has done completely without beefing him or insulting him. Ataaka also believes that, he sometimes feels that maybe it’s because he can rap far better than Maccasio that probably maybe the reason many are showing him these sympathy.

He said all these on Saturday March 18th, 2023 on the Showbiz Plug with DJ Bat on Zaa TV.

Ataaka On Showbiz Plug On Zaa TV