Tuba Zaks has forwarded an official apology to Sirina Issah for refusing to adhere to her advice during his banter with DJ Carlos.

Concerning the recent misunderstanding Tuba Zaks had with DJ Carlos about his (Tuba Zaks’) wife, the star disclosed how he was contacted by Sirina Issah not to react to the allegations, but he refused. 
According to him, it was so painful that he couldn’t hold himself back amidst the words of wisdom the legendary Sirina called and tutored her.

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In his recent live video on Facebook where he joined Sirina Issah on camera to speak about the Big Adams issue, Tuba Zaks began the conversation with an official apology, saying Sirina Issah should forgive him for going against his command to react to the issue.

Sirina Issah forgave him and added that it’s all part of life, but warns that he and any other person should beware of Satan everywhere they find themselves, as she thinks what happened transpired because of Satan and nothing else. Watch their video below.

Tuba Zaks And Sirina Issah Live Video.