Veteran rapper and member of the renowned music group Kaya, Bitter Flesh, has classified the pioneers of hip life in Northern Ghana as absolute failures.

The sensational veteran rapper told Alhaji Cybha on Sagani TV North Arts show that the fact that all the hip-life legends failed to invest the money they were making from their music into businesses that could have made them rich today means they are failures.

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According to him, they were making millions of cedis from their executive launches, sales of albums, and even from their performances, but they were misled by trying to look neat and dress expensively like 2pac, BIG, and the likes.

In explaining to make themselves well understood, Bitter Flesh said they also failed in the aspect of not promoting their culture or projecting what they were made of. He said hilife musicians like Alhaji Ahmed Adam are successful today because they wore sleepers to stages for performances and invested their money in building and constructing houses. Watch the legend speak below.

Bitter Speak On Sagani TV North Arts.