Boss Family, a stable music camp comprised of S.K.Y, Dobble Tee, and OneNira as artists and Ojah Drumz as a producer and father to the entire crew, appears to be in jeopardy as the three artists prepare to release their first collaboration in over four years and have Ojah Drumz removed from the production role. The crew announced that they will be releasing a song together shortly and Hype Media Gh confirms from research that it’s produced by BlueBeat, a bitter rival of Ojah Drumz.

Ojah Drumz has produced a lot of the crew’s collaborations and songs, notably the ones between the three of them.
Ojah Drumz’s partnership with S.K.Y was rumored to be over after the artist failed to show up for the video shoot of “Niti Bahila Yoli,” a song owned by Ojah Drumz. The same news surfaced when he refused to record Dobble Tee for artistic reasons.

One cannot conclude that the three have totally cut Ojah Drumz out of their business, but the fact that they have released a collaboration without him will undoubtedly amaze fans.
Hype Media Ghana will conduct further research in order to provide concrete information on the existing situation.
Watch a short video of BlueBeat and OneNira putting the finishing touches on their upcoming collaboration in the studios of BlueBeatz,