The 6th annual Northern Ghana Entertainment Awards was held in Tamale on Saturday, 22nd May, 2021 to honor artists that have succeeded in a variety of fields, including music, media, journalism, films, and dancers. This year’s award ceremony took place at the GNAT Hall in Tamale.

{King Darlus Received The Award On His Boy, Is Hassan Dablee Behalf}

Despitejust having been in the profession for a few years, Is Hassan Dablee has made a significant contribution to the expansion of the Northern music business. Being a well-known Northside blogger, hosting one of the city’s most popular radio shows, owning an internet television station (HYPE TV), and serving as the executive producer for many of the city’s radio and television programs. The following is written on the award:

This honor was given to Is Hassan Dablee alongside Kawastone (Blackstone of Fimano), DJ Carlos, DJ Parara, Mr Tell among others.