Hamza Lansah Lolly, a renowned journalist and an entertainment critic, has said that hip hop rapper Gaffachi wanted to be like Maccasio.

According to him, Gaffachi Payment became hopeless in the industry when he realized his very closest friend, Maccasio, rose into the limelight so quickly, leaving him, resulting in him wanting to follow the lead of Maccasio’s style, or way of rap, to also penetrate easily.

Mr. Hamza Lansah noticed that Gaffachi Payment is an outstanding rapper in the North when it comes to hardcore hip hop, but his choice to act and be like Maccasio is a choice that is his biggest challenge to his growth currently. 
Hamza Lansah said this in an entertainment discussion with Big Malik on Radio Tamale on Saturday, September 17th. Watch him speak below.