The richest rapper, Gaffachi Payment, has debunked the claims of Hamza Lansah Lolly that he wants to act like Maccasio.

Hamza Lansah Lolly was caught on camera on Radio Tamale on Saturday 17th September saying that, despite the fact that Gaffachi Payment is his outstanding hardcore rapper from the North, the star is failing in his quest to be like Maccasio. 
Mr. Hamza added that Gaffachi felt left behind when Maccasio grew so fast, leaving him behind, so he felt like doing as Maccasio would get him there.

Hamza Lansah Speaks

Regarding these claims by Hamza Lansah, Gaffachi felt that was disrespectful on his part, so he took onto his Facebook page on September 18th to debunk the claims and said that if he wanted to be like a colleague artist, he would want to be like Messi but not Pogba from Z. See his post below.