In the wake of Ghanaian musician Kuame Eugene’s recent accident on the N1 highway, Hajia Police, also known as Sa-ada Muhammad, a renowned Ghanaian police officer and singer, took to her Instagram page to emphasize the importance of road safety.

In a post on her Instagram page, Hajia Police urged drivers to prioritize road safety, particularly during darkness. She highlighted the risk of driving large vehicles, such as big cars or long vehicles, in the speed lane, emphasizing that such vehicles should occupy the outer lane instead. Additionally, she stressed the importance of equipping these vehicles with reflectors to alert approaching vehicles and road users.

Her message comes shortly after Kuame Eugene’s involvement in an accident, prompting a renewed focus on road safety measures in Ghana. The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the dangers of reckless driving and the need for increased awareness and adherence to road safety guidelines.

Hajia Police’s advocacy for road safety extends beyond social media posts. In a recent interview, she revealed plans to release a road safety campaign song in collaboration with Kuame Eugene once he fully recovers from the accident. This initiative underscores her dedication to using her platform to promote responsible driving habits and reduce road accidents in Ghana.

As both a respected member of the Ghanaian police force and a talented musician, Hajia Police’s efforts to raise awareness about road safety issues are likely to resonate with a wide audience. Through her advocacy and upcoming musical project, she aims to inspire positive behavioral changes and ultimately contribute to safer roads for all citizens.

With road safety remaining a pressing concern in Ghana, initiatives like Hajia Police’s campaign serve as crucial reminders of the importance of responsible driving practices and the need for collective action to prevent accidents and save lives on the nation’s highways. Check out the video below,