Renowned US-based Ghanaian comedian Kojo Anim has disclosed that his current visit to Ghana is primarily motivated by his quest to find a life partner.

In an exclusive interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, Kojo, who confessed to grappling with speaking his mother tongue, Twi, revealed that he remains on the lookout for a Ghanaian wife to assist him in mastering the language.

“We are searching. That’s the real reason why I am in Ghana. I have to marry a Ghanaian woman,” Kojo affirmed.

Reflecting on his late mother’s wish for him to marry a Ghanaian, Kojo expressed that this desire holds greater significance for him now that she is no longer present. He emphasized, “I think it means more to me now that my mom is gone. She used to tell me to make sure I marry a Ghanaian girl. For me, I just feel that that’s my connection with my mum.”

Discussing his ideal partner qualities, Kojo stressed that physical appearance takes a backseat to character. Drawing inspiration from his role models like Dave Chappelle and Kevin Hart, who are married to supportive partners, Kojo emphasized the importance of mutual understanding and encouragement in a relationship.

“People that I’m around; Dave Chappelle, Kevin, and the others are with women who encourage them. I’ve realized that looks fade so you can’t make decisions based on looks. I am looking for character,” Kojo elaborated, adding, “I am looking for someone who understands what I do. If you understand my culture that’s a shocker for me.”