Wolugu Lana has added his voice to the recent brouhaha between Tuba Zaks, his wife, Shafawu, and DJ Carlos.

Tuba Zaks claimed that DJ Carlos tried to sleep with his wife, Shafawu, and also wanted to turn her into a hookup girl after he left her under his supervision and went to America.

Tuba Zak’s Live Video.

DJ Carlos debunked the claims and also alleged that, rather, it was Tuba Zaks’ wife who wanted to travel to stay with her ex-boyfriend and he stopped her.

DJ Carlos Live Video.

This led Shafawu, as a betweener, to take to her Facebook wall and swear to the Holy Quran that DJ Carlos lied against her and that he attempted to turn her into a hookup girl and have an affair with her in the name of having fun.

Tuba Zaks Wife Live Video.

In an exclusive interview with Big Malik on Radio Tamale, Wolugu Lana said that he knows DJ Carlos too well and that he’s not far from sleeping with Tuba Zak’s wife.  According to him, DJ Carlos should also come out and clear his name again by swearing to the Holy Quran just like Shafawu did. Watch him speak below.

Wolugu Lana Commented.