The Hatman, Wolugu Lana, has finally disclosed the reason that led to his merciless beating of DJ Crouch on a live TV broadcast.

DJ Krouch and Wolugu Lana argued on a live TV program a few months ago which resulted into an exchanged of blows between the presenter and the artists while the program was still going on live.

In explaining to Big Malik on Radio Tamale what led to his actions, Wolugu Lana said he had the same encounter with Afa Staff on the same North Arts show on Sagani TV and many people were happy with how he handled himself despite Afa Staff throwing some hot punches at him during their discussions, and in so doing, DJ Crouch thought it was an advantage for him to also throw punches at him when they were invited just to make the same trends Afa Staff got.

According to him, he stopped him by his actions because if he had not, every pundit or small presenter would have made it a habit to always disrespect him on set just to make trends. Wolugu said this in a live interview with Big Malik. Watch below.