Iconic rapper, Sherif Abdul-Majeed Maccasio, over the weekend during his show at Yendi on the 24th July, calmed the cheering crowd and made them all stand on their feet for four (4) minutes to pay respect to his colleague, SKY, who was late.
S.K.Y born Fuseni Abdul Aziz, lost his life in a motor accident on Thursday 23rd of July.

According to confirmed reports, S.K.Y was involved in an accident on Wednesday night and was rushed to the hospital but lost his life the next day.
Maccasio, including all celebrities, mourned his death, but it looks like the rapper did the most when he calmed down thousands at his concert inside Yendi to pay respect to SKY.

During this, Maccasio got his personal DJ to play one of the sorrowful tunes from SKY and everybody stood on their feet till it was over.
This happened at the Yendi community centre on the 24th at Maccasio’s concert.
Check Out The Video Of The Scene Here,