Sirina Isaah, one of the core founders of music in the Northern region who is currently based in the United States of America, has finally opened up on what the founder of hip life in the North, Bigger Adams of KKC, is going through there in Canada.

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Many will recall that the hip-life legend was reported dead in Canada a few years ago, but further confirmation proved otherwise later, and it was clear that he was kicking and in good shape.

Yesterday, August 22nd, Sirina Issah took to a Facebook live video to disclose that the Legend is seriously sick and needs serious prayers from loved ones else the worse, she feared, will happen. 
According to her, Bigger Adams is left abandoned by his wife after a few misunderstandings, and that has eaten into his heart so much that he fails to withstand the heartbreak looking at what he has sacrificed for her.

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Sirina Issah added that Bigger Adams is currently homeless in Canada and nobody knows his whereabouts currently. She has been the one taking care of his bills, making sure he doesn’t go missing because the star has lost his brains and cannot think straight anymore.

Sirina Issah thanked a few like Tuba Zak’s, who has always stood by him and offered to help her search for Bigger Adams’ whereabouts in Canada. Meanwhile, she casts a shadow over many people who have abandoned the legend during these difficult times, particularly his wife, who fled with his only child and married a different man in the United States, oblivious to his existence. Watch below Sirina Issah’s video.

Sirina Issah Opens Up On Bigger Adam’s Current Situation.