One of the North’s veteran hip-life artists and comedians, Umar Janda, has lambasted colleague musicians, Maccasio, Fancy Gadam, Dobble Tee, Ataaka, and WizChild over their names, despite coming from Dagbon (Northern Ghana).

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In a short video that seems like comedy, Umar Janda criticizes these dudes for their choice of artistic names, which they chose for themselves despite the fact that they are Northerners.   He believes that a person should have a name that is either from his culture or can promote his culture, rather than a foreign name that he has no idea what it means.

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Umar Janda gave examples of names of veteran artists like Ahmed Adam, Sherif Ghale and Kassim Gazor as artists who were projecting where they were coming from through their names, because whoever heard their names would know where they were coming from without asking. But to him, names like Maccasio, Fancy Gadam, WizChild, Ataaka, Dobble Tee are all foreign names, and the great grandfathers of the North will not be happy with such names. Watch a video of his explanation below.