Dancehall artiste Stonebwoy has cautioned individuals about pride asking we humble our lives because a dead chicken is more valuable than a dead human which means we’re nothing like humans.

Stonebwoy for some reason decided to caution us about pride and make us understand that the moment you die, that’s the end of it and even a dead chicken has more value than a dead human because the chicken will be used for something else profitable to human.

According to him, pride is a disease hence humble your life as a human because the moment you drop dead, there’s nothing profitable about you unless the good legacy you left behind, and if because of pride you didn’t leave any, that’s the end of you.

Most of us are proud because of something we have or can do but Stonebwoy is reminding us that the moment we drop dead, that will be the end of it for us so we should humble ourselves because even a dead chicken is more valuable than a dead human.

See screenshot below