Mr. Abdallah Yamusah, a veteran media practitioner and a communication guru, has admitted that it was wrong on his part to have replaced Afa Staph with Halik Musah as the drive time host of Radio Tamale 91.7mhz.

Many will recall that DJ Yamoo, as he’s popularly known, was a former General Manager of Radio Tamale. During his reign as the station’s manager, the experienced veteran brought in Mr. Tell from Zaa Radio to take over the Tamale’s drive from the then host, Afa Staph, and pushed Afa Staff to be the brunch time host.  Afa staph felt unimportant at the station as a result, and they requested leave to Neesim FM.

Is Hassan Dablee Replies Maccasio.

In reaction to a question about how he influenced most of the Radio Tamale staff to exit the station, especially Afa Staph after his resignation, DJ Yamoo debunked those claims and said that for Afa staph, he left the station long before he resigned. And his exit was as a result of him losing the drive time show to Mr. Tell. 
DJ Yamoo admits that it was wrong on his part to have done that to Afa Staph, but it was a decision he took boldly for the growth of the station. He revealed this in an interview with Kawastone on Zaa Kootu on Zaa TV. Watch him speak clearly.

DJ Yamoo Speaks.