Despite the obstacles posed by the covid19 pandemic, Wiz Child’s six months of 2021 have been quite successful. His current six-track Tamale We Dey EP has given him a monopoly on trending songs. Every track on the EP has received a lot of airplay and has sparked a lot of debate in the entertainment fraternity.

God Mode
God Mode is the intro track of the EP which was produced by a young Ghanaian producer Kush. The song foreshadows what is to come for the listener. The message in this short song is coded in some way.

Inspirational songs are nothing new to Wiz Child’s fans, as each of his tracks contains motivational content. This song stands out from the rest of his catalog due to the instrumental choice and lyrical delivery.

Oluwani is the type of song that congregations will want to listen to in the midst of their worship. No wonder the magic producer, Blue Beat is behind the production of the song. “I’m aiming for the moon, but if I miss, I’ll take one of the stars instead” Wiz Child.

The ‘Legend Boy’ has shifted his focus away from love and is now telling us about his personal life. Ntaali is by far the singer’s life story. It’s fair to call the song Wizchild’s autobiography because he takes the time to address all of the rumors that have been floating around about him.

“He is simply good and will go far
he should just be consistent” initial comments by an aspiring DCE of Kumbungu, Mr Rauf after listening to Ntaali.

This song demonstrates Wiz Child’s versatility. It’s simply remarkable how he transitions from motivation to love. This helps to understand why people of all ages adore him.

Maria is a song for individuals in search of love. You can’t help but smile as you listen to this masterpiece. He arranges his words so that they flow with the beat. An experience producer, Pee Jay is behind the production of this hit song.

The choice to feature hip-hop musicians on Zaafi has revealed a new Wiz Child. Zaafi which is the fifth track on the EP featured young and vibrant Reezy Boy, K Dee, and Mezzy Numba.

Zaafi is a Housa word which means hot in English. Indeed the Legend boy is right to name it Hot because of the hot bars the young talents exhibit. Pee Jay is the brain behind the production of this song.

The best things do really come last. Whoever advised Wiz Child to place Malaa as the final tune on Tamale We Dey deserves credit.

The message of Malaa is a little difficult to understand, but it may best be described as youthful musicians notifying fans of their status in the game.

Malaa is another hip pop chyper in the EP which featured Bless D, Ruff Guy, Don Rhymer and O Boy. All of the rappers in this song do an excellent job, but Bless D’s performance stands out.

Wiz Child will most likely embark on a national tour to promote the EP. Stay tuned to our platform for the finest entertainment.