Co-founder of hiplife in the North, Big Malik of renowned music group, KKC has named Ataaka as the best Rapper from the North.

As the debate for the Northern best Rapper of the 21st century keeps getting competitive and hotter daily, the Legendary Big Malik has ended the argument by announcing Ataaka as the rap King of the North.

On his facebook timeline, Big Malik crowned Ataaka with the best Rapper title with a cover photo of his recent released track, 2022 Review.

Fancy Gadam Make Peace With Oddi Dollar

The review song is Ataaka’s annual song which he always released to address and recap the misfortunes or controversies that occured in the entertainment industry the previous year. He has been releasing this for about six years today. Listen to the song below.

Ataaka ~ 2022 Review

Big Malik’s post depicts that he made his conclusion on who the best Rapper deserves after listening to the song. Read his post below.

Big Malik’s Post