In a shocking turn of events, the music industry has been rocked by allegations against Baron De Jarule, one of its prominent figures. The accusation suggests that funds allocated for the promotion of Bless Prince music have been misused by Baron De Jarule without serving its purpose.

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This accusation revolves around the allocation of financial resources intended to promote Bless Prince music, and instead of utilizing the funds for their designated purpose, allegations suggest that Baron De Jarule diverted them for personal gain. This betrayal of trust has not only tarnished Baron De Jarule’s reputation but has also raised questions about the integrity of industry players in the industry.

Known in the Northern music industry for his influence both on the local media and on the social media, a supposed team member of Bless Prince disclosed in a comment on Majority Radio entertainment talk show that, the little boy, Bless Prince released his song and gave some huge sum of money to Jarule to promote the song, but the presenter spent the money without talking about the song nor the artists.

In response to the allegations, Baron De Jarule denied the allegations, stating that he has never heard of the artiste name in question. According to him, he has never taken money from any artistes, an underground or senior artistes for promotion purpose. Check the video below,

Jarule On Majority Radio

However, the unfolding of events will undoubtedly prompt a closer examination of financial practices within the music industry and may lead to greater scrutiny of artist-management relationships.