Renowned sound engineer, Ojah Drumz, has questioned DJ Krouch’s manner in which he spoke back at Wolugu Lana, which led to him (Wolugu Lana) hitting him live on TV.

As DJ Ojah believes Wolugu Lana should be blamed for his act live on TV, he also reminds people not to forget the fact that Wolugu Lana is far older than DJ Krouch, and that the DJ should have considered that as a fact and guided his language towards him.

Wolugu Lana Exchanged Blows With DJ Krouch On Tv

According to DJ Ojah, DJ Krouch can’t talk to his senior brothers like that at home, whom Wolugu Lana will be older than, so for that fact, DJ Krouch should apologize for his indecent manners also. Read his post below.