Fad Lan, who certainly is the hottest cake from the North, has promised to erect a statue of Fancy Gadam inside Tamale, despite the fact that he knows the star deserves more than a statue.

Fad Lan shared this anecdote on social media today, just one day after releasing his smash hit “Jelila,” which featured Fancy Gadam. On Youtube, the video has received 22,000 views within 24 hours, with much more on other sites. Watch the video below and then read the following paragraphs of his post,

“It’s been only a day and we have been able to reach 22,000 views and also at Number 5 on the YouTube trend list. The numbers are going up on the other platforms . Couldn’t have achieved this without you the Fans and supporters . I also want to thank the Media guys for the continual support. Can’t forget the featured Artist Ahmed Mujahid Bello for going all out for me on my project . I go build you statue for Tamale even though you deserve more than that 🤞❤️