Ghanaian songstress Hajia Police, also known as Sa-ada Muhammed, has announced plans to collaborate with popular musician Kuami Eugene on a road safety song, in response to the recent accident involving the latter.

Hajia Police, renowned as the best female police motor rider in Ghana, emphasized the importance of raising awareness about road safety in light of Kuami Eugene’s accident. Speaking during an interview with Amansan Krakye on Property FM in Cape Coast, she expressed her intention to release a track dedicated to road safety, possibly featuring Kuami Eugene.

Reflecting on her existing collaboration with Kuami Eugene on the song ‘Gobe Sala’, Hajia Police reiterated the necessity of educating the public on road safety measures. She emphasized, “We will release a road safety banger which is coming out very soon because we need to do more education through our songs on road safety.”

Highlighting practical safety measures, Hajia Police stressed the importance for road users and drivers to carry reflectors for their vehicles, to be mounted both at the front and back. She underlined that such precautions could significantly enhance safety, especially in cases of vehicle breakdowns.

The announcement comes amidst growing concerns over road safety in Ghana, with artists like Hajia Police and Kuami Eugene leveraging their influence to advocate for safer practices on the roads.