Mohammed Hafiz G. Face The Trender has dropped a bombshell that many have directed at Mr. Tell in his very first episode of Trending on NTV after a long break for educational purposes.

Ahmed Shaban – Sambani (Official Music Video)

The Trender went on a six-week break for educational purposes, leading to a hold in the broadcasting of his very powerful program, “Trending.” For a program always targeted on bringing whatever is going on in Tamale to your doorsteps, G. Face missed out on so many trending issues during his break, including the Tuba Zaks and DJ Carlos banter.

Is. Rahim – Gom (Music Breakdown)

Upon returning yesterday, September 10th, G. Face and his production team decided to handle all the trending issues during his absence, and in so doing, G. Face handled the Tuba Zaks and DJ Carlos issues. He said that he was away for educational purposes and wouldn’t leave his education to come home because of the DJ Carlos and Tuba Zaks issues. He is not a drunkard to do that, nor is he a mad person to do that, he said.
Initiation that, it’s only a mad person or a drunkard who will leave his education to come home because of the issue.

G. Face Hits Back At Mr. Tell?

Meanwhile, many will recall that Mr. Tell was also away for educational purposes, TTFP for that matter, but came home after two weeks of his stay at the communities and at the exact time of the Tuba Zaks and DJ Carlos banter. 
Mr. Tell took the issues into his own hands and bashed DJ Carlos for two weeks nonstop, resulting to many people assumed he came home because of the problem.Listen to one of his take on the matter.

Mr. Tell Attacks DJ Carlos.