Fancy Gadam, one of the most famous and proud Northern icons, has had his name used as a question for one of the country’s top TV channels, Joy Primes’ “Step Up” competition.

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Born Ahmed Mujahid Bello to a famous family, the Bello family from Tamale, Zongoni to be precise, Fancy Gadam started his music journey as a dancer, and was the lead dancer for B13, a popular dance crew from the North.

As a person who has a passion for anything entertainment, Fancy Gadam ventured into the music industry in the early 2000s, but started to become famous when he joined a reality competition tagged “Yelparim Saha” on Filla FM hosted by Kawastone in the year 2008 – 2009.
Fancy Gadam got his first major hit with “Kalipo” in 2010 and has since become a household name in the North and Ghana as a whole. Today, Fancy Gadam is the only name that comes to people’s minds when anything musical is mentioned about the North.

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With an amazing journey such as the Fancy Gadam journey, the star name was used by the production team of the Step Up program, an equally famous program in Ghana, as part of their questions for their contestants. 
The picture of Fancy Gadam was projected on a big screen with possible answers of five (5), and one of the contestants was asked to identify the real name of the star among the possible answers provided. The contestants got it right, though he was a bit confused, knowing it was Fancy Gadam but did not see “Fancy Gadam” as a name there. Watch a short video of the scene below.

Joy Prime Step Up Show