Popular Tamale based presenter, Mr. Tell life seems to be in danger as a fan believed to be Fancy Gadam fan has threatened to put him behind bars if he he did not desist from talking bad about Fancy Gadam.

Fancy Gadam Allegedly Mocks Mr. Tell

Mr. Tell has in these few days criticized Fancy Gadam negatively in response to a video of the star that went viral on the internet, teasing a supposed “drunker”, which many accused it was directed to Mr. Tell.

Mr. Tell Responds To Fancy Gadam

In responding to Mr. Tell critics on TikTok, the fan warns Mr. Tell to with immediate effect stop talking about Fancy Gadam or they put him behind bars.

According to the fan, such comments of his (Mr. Tell), nature was what claimed 2Pac’s life, so Mr. Tell should better watch his mouth before he joins majority. Watch the video below,