As fans are looking up for the return of one of the most powerful music hood ever in Tamale, Zola, it seems the fans expectations will forever remained imaginations but not reality, as Flawa Gaskia has disclosed the true secretes behind the splitting of the crew.

Growing up as street hustlers and all being into music, Zolahood which consited of Maccasio, Flawa Gaskia, Arisky, Nandoz and Gaffachi were loved and admired for not just because of their music, but because of their unity and support for each other.

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This crew got seperated and all went their seperate ways, leaving just Maccasio and Flawa Gaskia as the only artists left in the hood.

Whiles fans still hope and pray they return back together someday, Flawa Gaskia has revealed in a recent interview with Gee Face that, the crew failed to understand from the beginning when he told them that they should confront Maccasio and let him know their aims and targets for supporting him.

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According to him, they all declined doing serious and active music just so they can support Maccasio to grow as a brand to push them as well, and in that, Maccasio began to host shows at the stadiums and billed them without a good pay.

They all understood, but Flawa Gaskia told them that they should confront and let him know they needed that more, but they failed to listen to him until it came a time they felt cheated for the amount Maccasio giving them after each successful event, and then, the rapper was not also ready again to go with their demands. This in his voice kills Zola. Watch the interview below.