In a shocking turn of events earlier today, Mr. Tell, a popular Radio presenter, who reported an attack on him by an unidentified individual was summoned at the Lamashegu-Naa’s palace as he cited Nana Agbazor and his bodyguard as the prime suspects.

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Nana Agbazor, a sub chief of Lamashegu, has claimed that he received a letter instructing him to appear at the police station alongside his bodyguard. Mr. Tell alleged that the bodyguard had been sent by Nana Agbazor himself to carry out the attack. The sub chief, seeking to address the issue, also brought the matter to the attention of the palace.

During the meeting at the palace, Mr. Tell was invited to provide his account of the incident. Lamashegu-Naa and his elders emphasized the significance of respecting the cultural values and customs of Dagbong. It was made clear to Mr. Tell that not everything should be aired publicly, especially when it concerns community leaders, members such as Mallams, chiefs, and sub chiefs.

Furthermore, the presenter was ordered to visit the police station and withdraw the case he had filed against SomoWura. Additionally, Mr. Tell was cautioned about the potential consequences of speaking inappropriately on air. The palace warned him that any future violations of community boundaries could result in his permanent removal from the radio station.

The incident has sparked mixed reactions among the community members, with some supporting the actions taken by the palace to maintain cultural decorum, while others express concerns over the potential silencing of free speech. Watch below.

Nana Agbazor Explains At The Palace