In a yet-to-be-confirmed report that has sent shockwaves through the media landscape, it is alleged that Nana Agbazor, a prominent figure in the community, has taken an extreme step to address what he believes was a deliberate attempt to disgrace him on air. According to the report, Agbazor has sent Radio Tamale drive-time presenter, Mr. Tell, to N-Yaba Lamanshegu-Naa’s Palace following an interview during which Agbazor’s religious beliefs were questioned.

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The incident occurred during a recent interview on Radio Tamale, where Mr. Tell invited Nana Agbazor to discuss various aspects of his life. However, tensions arose when the conversation took a turn towards Agbazor’s religious practices. Mr. Tell reportedly asked Agbazor whether he prays as a Muslim or not, which Agbazor perceived as an attempt to disgrace him on air.

While the details surrounding the alleged incident are yet to be confirmed, it has garnered significant attention and raised concerns about media ethics and freedom of speech. The act of sending a radio presenter to a traditional palace as a response to perceived disrespect is highly unusual and has left many wondering about the motivations behind such an extreme reaction.

Details to be followed soon….