LIn an emotional and candid discussion on the ‘All Inclusive Show’ with Is Hassan Dablee on Zaa Radio, rising music star Lamaley shared the turbulent journey of his music career. Lamaley revealed that his association with popular Ghanaian artist Fancy Gadam played a significant role in derailing his musical aspirations.

Lamaley, known for his unique sound and passionate performances, spoke about the perceptions they had when they affiliated their brand with top musicians like Fancy Gadam, believing that they will grow bigger than expected through the love from his thousands of fan base.

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However, the reality turned out to be far from what Lamaley had envisioned. According to Lamaley, the affiliation did not yield the expected boost to his career. Instead, it led to a series of challenges that he had not anticipated. “The affiliation created more problems than opportunities,” he confessed. “I found myself caught up in the shadows of his brand, unable to carve out my own identity.

Lamaley detailed how the industry politics and the overwhelming influence of Fancy Gadam’s established fan base overshadowed his own efforts to shine. “It was difficult to get my voice heard. Every attempt to stand out was met with resistance from fans who were more interested in Fancy Gadam than in discovering new talent, even DJ’s will not leave his music and play mine, so it was an absolute lost for me” he explained. Watch the video below,

Lamaley On The ‘All Inclusive Show’ With Is Hassan Dablee

Towards the end of the discussion, Lamaley expressed a renewed sense of hope and determination. He revealed that he is now focused on rebuilding his career on his own terms, away from the shadows of any dominating figures. “I’m starting fresh, with a clearer vision and stronger sense of self. I believe in my music and know that my true fans will support me as I forge my own path,” he declared.